Frequently Asked Questions

A deductible is an amount that you’re responsible for in the event of a loss. This is the amount you pay out-of-pocket, and insurance covers the remainder.

We want to make sure that if you are ever caught off guard or are in an emergency, you’re still protected. We offer Emergency Roadside Services (ERS), Rental Reimbursement (RR), and Mechanical Breakdown Insurance (MBI). Our ERS service is here to help you 24/7 and help will be available in under 2 minutes. Our RR helps pay your rental car costs while your car is being repaired as a result of a covered claim. The MBI we offer is similar to a car warranty, this type of insurance covers costs from repairs if your vehicle breaks down, needs replacement parts, or suffers other types of mechanical problems.

Yes, we have a military insurance payment plan and insure in all 50 states – so if a client gets re-stationed, all you have to do is update your address. We also carry storage plans so you can store your vehicle for 30 days or more.

Here are just some common things that help determine your auto insurance rates.

  • Driving record. Safe drivers are generally rewarded with lower auto insurance rates or safe driver discounts.
  • Mileage. How much you drive each year can increase your auto insurance rates because it places you more at risk of being involved in an accident. People who drive fewer miles than average may be eligible for lower rates on their auto insurance.
  • Location. Where you live can affect your rates. Some places are more inclined to collisions or theft and also have higher costs for car repairs, lawsuits, and medical care. Always check with your insurance representative when relocating to see if it will affect your auto insurance rates.
  • Vehicle. The car you drive also affects your rates. Things like cost of replacement parts and repair, likelihood of theft, and safety ratings can all affect your auto insurance cost.

You could save money by combining auto policies. With a Multi-Vehicle Discount you could save when you insure more than one vehicle on your policy. If you have renters or homeowners through the Nickerson Insurance Agency, you could also save with a Multi-Policy Discount.

In the hustle and bustle of the closing process, don’t forget to make time for the following important tasks.

  • Set up a home inspection and make sure you understand the final report
  • Schedule a final walk-through 24-48 hours before closing to ensure the condition of the home has not changed
  • If you will have a Home Owners Association, read their paperwork and understand the requirements
  • Determine if your home is in a flood zone
  • Set up your homeowners insurance policy

Most renters insurance quotes include actual cash value, not replacement value for your belongings. Actual cash value takes depreciation into consideration when calculating a post-claim payout. This could mean you may not get enough to buy a new version of the item that was lost. This is where replacement cost coverage can help.

What Our Clients Say

I recently worked with Justin Hedrick out of Mark’s office. I can’t say enough about Justin’s excellent service. He was thorough, detailed and patient. He answered all of my questions and initiated suggestions to my policy. I ended up going with the policy he recommended ! I trust Justin gave me sound advice and it was a pleasure to do business with him .

Sandra Voogd, June 2022

I called Nickerson Insurance Agency for a quote on auto insurance and spoke with Abby. She was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. She took the time to explain all of the coverages on my current policy and explained what coverages I did not currently have. Not only did I save money on my auto insurance, I got an even better deal on a bundle with renters insurance. I got better coverage for a great price. Looking to switch your insurance company? Call Nickerson Insurance Agency and speak with Abby. You’ll be glad you did.

S. Tyree, October 2022

I called around several places to see who could give me not only the best quote but the best service as well. My rep was Justin and he was more than helpful and made feel comfortable and confident in the plans I was receiving. He was very friendly and honest and gave me prompt service to help me get my rates even lower than anyone else and than what I was first quoted. I am and will continue to be a happy Nickerson Insurance customer.

Austin Poirier, October 2022

Unlike most insurance agencies Nickersons Insurance actually tries to meet your needs while saving you money. They are quick to respond and very pleasant to work with. They are willing to give you multiple options that allow you to make the final decision.

Stephen Constant, December 9, 2020
I am a new client as a result of a recent relocation. Donna Abramovitz has been extremely helpful to me in getting renters insurance, changing my car title and possibly improving my auto insurance. I prefer to use local businesses where ever I live, and this is why..great service, professional and very can tell they appreciate your business.
Mary Donahoe, October 9, 2020

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