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Umbrella Insurance

Excellent Umbrella Insurance Offerings in Waterford, Stonington,
Groton, New London, Norwich and Throughout Southeastern CT

Umbrella Insurance

Excellent Umbrella Insurance Offerings in Waterford, Stonington,
Groton, New London, Norwich and Throughout Southeastern CT

At Nickerson Insurance Agency, you can rely on us to be your trusted local insurance agency and help provide you with the coverage you need. We are an independent insurance agency, that helps match our clients with the right insurance provider with a tailored policy to fit their needs. We offer many personal insurance options, including Personal Umbrella Insurance.

Life always throws us curveballs. From car accidents injuring others to your neighbors suing you because your animal accidentally bit them, your basic insurance coverage may not cover all the damages and medical expenses. Before you have to deal with the loss of time and money, have you considered getting an additional insurance plan that will kick in and help with these extra charges? That is where Personal Umbrella Insurance comes in.

Umbrella insurance offers an extra layer of liability coverage* to help defend you from a financially devastating claim or lawsuit. An umbrella policy provides $1 million to $5 million in additional liability coverage on top of an existing homeowners or auto policy. While umbrella coverage is optional, it can provide increased protection in the instance of an unfortunate accident.

How Do Umbrella Policies Work?

Umbrella insurance kicks in when damages from a covered claim surpass the limits in the underlying policy – everything from a lawsuit resulting from a delivery person slipping on ice in your driveway to medical care for a friend who was injured by your family pet.

Don’t sacrifice your family’s financial well-being to an unexpected accident. Talk to a Nickerson Insurance Agency professional about adding umbrella insurance to your policy. One conversation today could prevent a split-second accident tomorrow from changing your life unexpectedly.

Would You Be Covered If…

Accidents happen. Are you prepared for the outcomes of the unexpected? Here are some questions to consider:

  • What would you do if your dog accidentally injured your neighbor’s child?
  • What if your mail carrier tripped over a crack in your driveway, resulting in injury and disability?
  • If an overgrown tree in your yard crashed through your neighbor’s roof, would you have the funds to cover repairs?
  • And what if you severely injured someone in a car crash?

No one expects to find themselves in these situations, but umbrella insurance can offer peace of mind when the unexpected occurs.

For more information about these coverage options and how to include them in an umbrella insurance policy, please contact a Nickerson Insurance Agency professional at 860.440.6000.

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